2h Monk inferno butcher solo.. No Follower

Just beat him 4 times now with a 2H. Just posting to say its possible.. so far in ACT2 doing well enough for now. For those curious

37k hp
3.2k armor
314 Res
16k atk damage
1023 dex
938 vit

Fist of thunder- lightning fast
Mystic ally- air
Serenity- ascension
SSS- your choice.. for boss fulmining or reduce CDR. I like the pandemonium really for GETTING to boss.
Sweeping wind- blade storm or i preffer inner storm for the regen.
Mantra of healing- time of need OR you can go with Mantra of evasion- hard target
Passives- seize, transend, and one with all

Im still looking for a good DW spec keep me updated or if you guys have any suggestions on things it would be nice. If a SS is needed or a vid i will make one. Suggestions welcomed.
Butcher is easy i killed him under 2min (achi).The 2nd act is a problem :/
butcher is easy.. some ppl dont find him easy.. only trying to be helpful.
Why not have a follower? Just cause?
This is the dual wielding pure dps build that I use for inferno butcher farming, focusing on spirit generators as damage, and spending spirit on mantra and cds. With this build I am able to achieve 30-40k dps buffed.


This build allows me to play the monk kind of like how blizzard advertised it, as a nimble and high damage dealing fighter who weaves in and out of combat.

You pretty much one shot all trash, and for elite mobs, you can kite them extremely easily with high mobility (I highly recommend + movespeed boots. Movespeed is very underrated but sooooo goood) and deadly reach, and weave in a WOTHF combo with mantra every serenity + blind rotation for massive damage.

I prefer the dot rune on WOTHF because it applies on the any hit of the combo, so if you can sneak in any wothf hits, you keep on the pressure and damage. Elite mobs melt. Trash melts. Butcher and warden melt. Easy act 1 farm.

Your 2 hander build looks fun. I'll try it out sometime if I ever get a nice wep.
05/25/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Ender
butcher is easy.. some ppl dont find him easy.. only trying to be helpful.

Anyone who doesn't find him easy is probably lacking DPS because he sets the entire floor on fire after awhile.

Using a 2H isn't a disadvantage or anything. In fact it's probably the safer option for your first butcher kill. I got my Brief Butchering achievement when trying out a 2H on him for the first time (on Inferno).

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