Buyout instantly accepted, gold gone, no item

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same problem here, item id:95744888
it seems i just have the same "bug". order ID 95834712, thanks
Me too just lost 125k to buyout a belt, no item, gold lost.
Has happened to me multiple times, and bug can be replicated.

Purchase an item for buyout price. Gold will be gone but user will not receive item. Logging in and out does not solve the problem.
yeap same here
same here. after buying and selling several items, my "Completed Item" is blank! please fix this. thanks!
same issue as well
yep me too. This is stupid. I spent yesterday and this morning farming gold to buy upgrades to progess furthe rin Hell and no it gone. CBF playing now...
Yup same over here also, :(
same issue here, multiple purchases - items / gold seem to be in limbo right now from purchasing a buyout to sending to stash.... nothing is working!
same here, #95659247, #95649389 gold gone with buy out. but not im complete section.
this has also happened to me with several items, but to add: my gold is gone but the transaction does not come up on my item log
WOW wtf lost another item i thought it was cause my stash was full but when i cleared it and brought another item just now for 30k it didnt appear in my completed tab
I'm in the same boat as all of you. Bought three items for around 40k (buyout accepted) but, I am unable to move the items from the completed list to my stash.

Does anybody know when they will fix this? Or, when the issue started?!??
same. This is so annoying
Same thing happened to me
same,, two item 310k gone with nothing
Same here, bought 200k worth of stuff, went to send it to stash, no items.

I'd either like my items or my gold please, Blizzard.

Also, if you could fix the auction house instead of taking it down and then saying its fixed...that'd be nice too.
Same, hope we get our items or a least our money back.
Bought two items about 200k each :(

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