Urgent Maintenance - 5/29/12 (Updated)

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Update 5:20 p.m. PDT: We're aware that many players are receiving "Error 37" when logging into the game. Please note that this error indicates that all servers are full, and that we're currently receiving a high volume of login traffic. We're working to reduce the frequency at which players are prompted with this error message and ensure that everyone can successfully log in to the game and play.


Update 5:00 p.m. PDT: Maintenance has concluded and Diablo III is now available for play. Auction house maintenance has concluded, as well, but commodities are still disabled at this time.

We're continuing to investigate latency affecting successful sales and purchases on the gold auction house. Please note that while these issues may cause a temporary delay in having purchased items appear in your Completed tab, your items have not been lost. If you do not see your purchased items immediately, please check back later.


We're aware of issues affecting our authentication servers which may cause players to experience failed or slowed logins (e.g. getting stuck at "Retrieving Character List"). We're currently investigating the cause of these issues and have brought all Diablo III game servers offline for maintenance. We will provide updates as they become available.

Thank you so much for your reports!
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Edit: Can I haz update?
C'mon I got the first post, I deserve special treatment.
Edit 2: Can I haz update?
Oh i asked that an hour ago, my bad.
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how long
W00t W00t :)
Cool story bro.
again?...lul. well at least i got to play for 2 hours today. :/

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