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it wont let me in because it says new update avalible i got patch and still the same thing comes up
there having server issues ATM. it sucks but we'll just have to be patient I guess
Before you log in go to options > account > language and change it to spanish and it will restart the launcher and download the patch, then change the language back, Congrats! you can now play Error 37.
its back up, just takes a few tries
Patched up for me with no problems.

Logged in once and connected well with no errors. Even getting 240ms whereas it would normally be 400ms at this time of day.
05/29/2012 05:35 PMPosted by InisMona145
Congrats! you can now play Error 37.

haha classic
it will only download the language pack if you just change the lanuage.
yep every time I start the game "new Patch" and then it just does it again and again???

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