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Omfg it never ends man. I get a few hours before work to finally catch up, log into a game, sit at loading screen for 2 minutes alt + tab to close, now I get 3 green checks and this error when I log in.

Tried logging into EU than back to NA, didn't work. Tried closing at authenticating then re-logging, didn't work. This has been going on for an hour now. Fml.
Having exactly the same problem. :(
Facing the same problem for hours now -> bump.
Please Blizzard, FIX IT NOW!
same problem. fix it
yep same problem. Sc2 log in and EU log in does not fix it for me.
same here, my diablo Crashed on some pack of mobs, and now i just cant log
same here please fixed it asap its annoying for the past 3 hours i cannot login and play
bump same problem
same issue here cant login :( , i get the 3 green checks at login then error 3006 pops up

please fix it
same here. FIX IT !! or all our money back. We paid for a service, You give a service !! We are all waiting ..
so its a known problem (thanks bliz) it seems, we arnt getting any estimates of when its going to get fixed, can anyone list does it seem to go away or last forever as there are people on here that appear to of had the problem for days !?
Yes, I got the Error 3006 today for the first Time 5/19/2012..... I was trying to level and joining quick public games then when I d/ced from game I got this error...

Nothing suggested has worked for me yet..
Having the same issue here as well! Please fix Blizzard...
I'm never playing with another pub again.
No Diablo 3? What am I to do with my life... outside seems dangerous!!
yeah im getting that same thing
ok so as before lots of people are getting it but can anyone post as to whats happened after you get the error, ie does it go away or last till whenever the next reset may or may not be

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