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I am also having this same problem. It happened right after I tried joining a public game on nightmare difficulty. It got stuck on the loading screen so I alt+F4'd and couldn't get back in because of error 3006. I would appreciate it if this got fixed as soon as possible.
So is only hope to wait to restart the servers and even then we don't know if it'll work!!!
Hey all!

We've forwarded the 3006 reports to our server admins, and they're currently assessing the situation. While I can't make any guarantees (because I'm not a server admin!) I would suspect that we'll have this situation resolved shortly. In the meantime, you can hop on a different region's server if you'd prefer to not give your mouse a break. : )
same cant log in since about 10 mins ago..
Yeah i got the same problem happened bout 2 hours ago...
Fixed for me after I changed my password

Saw here:
Same. Game froze, so i alt+f4 and now can't log back in.
im pissed same here
Same issue
Seems like its been solved by the admins.

Thanks admins.
I was able to just randomly sign in, if you fixed it, thanks Blizz.
Got this message after noticing my loading screen was stuck while trying to join a game. When I loaded game back up got error 3006. Rebooted everything just in case. Still got error. Switched to EU servers and I was able to get to my hero list but.... none of my heros were there.... I had to make a new character... does this mean my whole profile got wiped??

EDIT: Nvm I just created a new hero on EU sever and logged out... switched to ASIA and you have to make new heroes for each sever so I may still have my heroes on the US sever...

EDIT # 2: We'll it looks like it's just my US hero list that seems to be inaccessible. I have no clue what I did to deserve this... HornyToad253 if this is because I declined you're party invite I'm sorry I just wanna play again!!..... help me blizzard.. you're my only hope..
Well based on other responses it seems my initial supposition that my account was not fully being logged out on game "crashes" was at least highly likely if not outright true.

While i appreciate Blizzard taking this issue to heart and responding here, there is a pretty big confluence of errors here that piss me off. Chief among them the fact that while playing I usually get disconnected about once an hour, and yet when my account gets frozen in i can't access it for 6+ hours at a time.

If i must put up with both errors (and obviously i have no choice at the moment) then pure guess based logic backed up by absolutely zero knowledge of computer programming tells me that at the very least i could hope that my account would continue to experience random DCs even when my account is roaming around Bnet without me, and as such since when actually playing I get DCd about once an hour, that i should expect the same disconnects from my frozen account, followed by the ability to reconnect sometime within the next hour or 2 due to my account being disconnected just as it would be if i were actually playing.

Once again, no idea what i'm talking about here, just rather frustrated that i'm playing such a buggy game where the bugs can't even overlap in my favor every once in a while. If blues are still reading this i would appreciate an update on intended/implemented fixes for this issue when such information can be made publicly available. While it would certainly be nice if it just didn't happen anymore, the suspense of watching the loading loop and not knowing if i'm going to be able to play again in the same day is not the kind of suspense i enjoy, so if it is supposedly fixed, please let us know before i have to guess.

Thanks in advance

Edit: DarkLordSen, your characters are different for each region's server banks. You have not lost your Americas characters if this is all that happened to you, or at least that would be the safe bet seeing as i didn't lose mine, and no one else has mentioned losing theirs (which i would assume if it had happened to someone would have been stated in no uncertain terms)
BULL S H I T now im getting error 315300. Blizzard i see is having a !@#$ing picnic with errors..... next DB installment should be called... Diablo... Lord of Errors
I'm giving up for the night. I tried everything. Back to Dark Souls. Never mind I forgot that games broken too.

Member when they used to sell games that worked all the time? I miss those days...
I'm getting this problem now too.
The problem is totally Blizzards... here is a small clue.. my friend who i was killing mobs with said my status was still online... after I had gotten dropped form servers. which is odd because I'm not logged in at all! thanks Blizzard for ruining my weekend. bas !@#$%
well my friend says still onlline for some odd reason... when i can't even log in... think im getting hacked.... sigh...

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