Auto-attk build. Almost idiot-proof. NMlvl44

Demon Hunter
Lvl 44 just about to start act3 NM.

My DH is pretty much an auto-attack champ, the only aoe I've got is bola. Quite frankly, this ability does good single-target and great aoe switch between extended radius rune and stun depending on mob type/density. Even for single-target, 35% chance for stun is not only a lifesaver but a reliable cc coupled with the high base dmg on left-click ability. Cant wait to try the big blast 2s delay bola.

For DD I use marked for death + impale (chemical burn). 12% def reduction essentially equates to you being able to blast any enemy for 12% of their max hp (including bosses) for a dirt-cheap discipline cost with an ability you'd be hard pressed to miss with. With marked for death (valley, contagion) for aoe and impale for burst do you need anything else other than survival?

My other abilities are survive. Except for Marked for death I run the cookie-cutter prep(battlescars) +Smoke screen (hatred regen) + caltrops. I could not personally imagine giving up any of these def abilities seeing as how it takes pretty much all of them to survive wallers, teleports, stuns, roots etc and this became noticeable from the begining of act 2 NM and onwards.... It's also why I swapped out shadow power for preperation... Shadow power might be the better ability point for point but it's not a panick button which is exactly what you need as DH that goes down in under 3s if in melee range of anything that is not !@#$.

Tactical advantage - my smoke screen is not 5s, it is 2s with hatred regen. Tactical advantage is the difference between you actually getting out of there or blowing a discipline heavy skill and getting killed as soon as it is over. Whether you are a vault man or smoke screen man you will come to love this ability for the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE it provides when you are in the midst of battle.

Archery - I use bows currently, no brainer here. Some people swear by steady aim or cull the weak, the problem is these are thinking mans abilities which does not go with the ethos of an auto attack build. When I was using SA or CtW I found myself changing my playstyle to MAKe the ability worth it as opposed to it just being naturally worth it.

Hot Pursuit - I love move speed and I always will that said if you are a min/maxer you like won't use this. Personally there are only 2 types of enemies I use impale on. Nearby stragglers (usually just needs 1 impale to insta-kill for me) or elites/bosses when they are what is left to kill. This means hot pursuit is essentially up during the times when you need it and believe me if it has to do with surviveability you are going to need it. I'm end of act 2 NM and my main cause of death are long battles where im waiting for cooldows but not agile enough to get away from telports, slows, stuns, roots etc. Trust me, if you think you are smart enough to understand when it is ok to drain your hate with impale you will likely come to depend on this passive.

1) look for biggest cluster and throw mark of death (especially if you run contagion, remember after the initial target dies you can reaply MoD to something else while the running effects keep going, this is why I preffer it over valley actually but oh well.)
2) Shoot that way with bola
3) after the "mass" is dead you can safely begin to start unloading hatred. BEFORE that the exceptional case for having used hatred is to quickly take down small stragglers with single-hits that decide to aggro you. Otherwise, REPOSITION. Look at the passives, that's what it is there for.. like any character you are at your most effective when you are allowed to continously unload, get in the habit of popping smoke and sprinting behind your tank.

All this is quite simple.. Just get used to losing aggro, proper positioning when playing co-op and throwing mark of death on whatever the monk/barb are focusing. The hardest part is actually getting used to deal with neardeaths. Everything else was kept simple for that sole reason.

Nothing to do with the buld but bind 'shift' to 'tab'(Mainly so your fingers comfortably rest on 1-4 without having to form a clawfingers, which has gotten me killed twice now. Enough times to warrant a fix). and get used to aiming and scouting this way. The main advantage of this method of attak is that it stops you from making silly runs into enemies because you didnt hit their clip perfectly. I would expect ANYONE to use constantly but if you are not, know that it is essential.

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