What stats should I be going for after dex/vi

Demon Hunter
Do I want some kind of health regen stats or attack speed or something else?
damage is always good, so is survival..

huh imagine that
DH should look for mainly Dex, Vit, and damage.

Those are your three priority stats.

Though if you want pure damage go for the items that give you +damage or x-y damage. Dex pales in comparison next to that in terms of damage.

Also your stats should complement your build.

Are you a glass cannon? - Stack dex and damage

Are you a tankish DH? - Stack Vit, armor, and resistances

Are you an all around DH? - Try to get high HP then start substituting lesser pieces for damage gear.
Attack Speed will always be a main stat to go for. As DH rely on moving and then getting shots off and the faster you can get shots off the better. Also the Attack speed is amazing if you go with a slower wepaon like the 2h cross bow with Archery so your doing 50% more crit damage. You will be shooting as fast as a bow and if you stack it enough you can shoot as fast as a 1 hander.

You mainly want to focus on Vitality and Dex of course and balance them out.

Also depends on how much Magic Finding you want to do as well. So there is that balance as well.

Really just comes down to what your wanting to do. If its just to go through inferno and not worry then I would just stack Vit and Dex and anything to increase your damage.

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