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Need to drop more often. You need to get a bit closer to Diablo 2. It's FUN seeing a legendary drop at low levels - right now it's virtually non-existent. Between 5 characters I've seen complete normal, 2 complete act 2, and 2 more complete act 1(note: These are characters of myself and people I know, not just all mine), I've only heard of 2 legendaries.

Back in Diablo 2, you'd typically see 1-2 unique items drop before you finished act 2. Sure they probably weren't any good, but that didn't change the fact that it was fun to find them.

I understand why loot is so rare at high levels... but people don't psend the same length of time farming normal that they will in inferno and these items have a very limited lifespan - it hurts nothing if these items have a bit higher of a droprate and helps to make the game more enjoyable overall while leveling.
3 friends and I played up to about the 4th act before one of us managed to get a legendary.
I do agree with you, I was personally questioning whether or not it was possible to get a legendary before a certain point.
I took 4 characters to 20...(just past Magda) and one through normal and only saw 3 legendaries. Two dropped under the keep in Act 3 (the area with the "poisonous exploding mobs"), and one in Act 4.
two chars into nm, have seen absolutly no legendary's except the one my friend got from hell diablo.
Me and a friend have gone to lvl44 and haven't seen a single one. But when we do I'm sure it'll be super exciting :D
At Inferno, never seen a legendary. Beat that.
I agree, at first i thougt it was goin on the way so that set items would require a lvl 60 character, but then they came up with some that are acheiveble at lvl 20..... im a bit disapointed in the low probabilities of seing that brown or green name or whatever color pups up when u find it...
saw a legend in Act 1 norm, had crappy stats so i DEed it
Almost seems like they need a new tier of loot between sets and legendary. Like Epic or something that is great, but not quite a capstone for that item type. That and sets are basically non-existent themselves. I found a legendary in Act 3 but no Set pieces all game. In D2, you'd have 2 or 3 pieces from several sets in each playthrough. However, I can understand a LEGENDARY piece of gear being almost impossible to find if it they're almost always nutcrunchingly incredible, I mean hey its effin LEGENDARY... but they suck atm. The gear is literally THE guts of the game. Blizzard really can't fock around with it for too long, and the AH is a poor !@# crutch for what should be a solid loot system...
First, they were called Uniques, not legendaries, and secondly LOLWUT?!

1-2 Uniques by Act 2? I mean sure, it could happen, but it wasn't all that common. I played D2 and its subsequent expansion a lot for many years, but offline and online, and finding any sort of unique during normal, let alone during the first 1-2 acts was extremely rare. I remember the first time I found a unique in Act 1, I never crapped my self because of how genuinely rare that was to happen.

Uniques in general tended to be very rare, and the only time it seemed like there was a huge influx of them in D2 was because of duping, and because of how many people were playing. In D3 it seems like the unique equivalent, the legendary, is far more common. Which is fine and dandy because honestly the legendaries we have at this very moment are only a step above some of the rares you can obtain in the game.

I mean, the game has only been out for five days and from the sound of it your expecting to be decked out in full god-tier equipment running around 1-shotting every thing. That's not how this game works, it most certaintly works that way in WoW now, but this isn't World of Warcraft; it's Diablo 3.
I love the fact that the legendary items are extremely rare. But the thing is, when you find one it's probably worse than the yellows you already have.

They should be extremely rare, but they should have the awesome stats to match it!
I get the fact that they are legendary items and hence need to be a rare find but it's a little overboard. I'm almost through nightmare now and still have yet to even see one drop. I don't really know why the creators made it this hard, possibly to force people into using the auction house? Who knows...
It's a legendary, when it drops it's like oh-my-god.
you don't want them to drop more. You want them to be extremely rare, hence "Legendary"
If it was more common, like a 5% drop. That would be like, oh look 3 legendary items from act 1 to act 4.
My first legendary was before level 10 :)
An amazing belt that I kept until atleast level 20ish.
Level 44 and I've seen hundreds ....
... on the AH.

Found 0 in the game so far. And yes, the stats are usually not that great compared to awesome yellows.
im lvl 47 with 2 lvl 20's also.
I have not seen one yet and I like this.
They are called legendary for a reason and if you check the auction house they look like they are dropping like flies.
Personally I will cream in my pants when I get my first legendary. If that ever happens.
I have beaten the crap out of every little treasure minion and explored all the side dungeons....still nothing!
One day all mighty diablo 3 I will have one..for my WD! Thank you please
all you do is moan moan moan........
I am a wizard lv15 and i currently just got past where you go and find the guy who has lost his memory to reunite his sword. I have had now two legendary's so far (head+ring), im guessing you ppl are not killing every mob round corners and getting into every nut and cranny there is to get them. maybe if yu took your time and got every mob where you are and every chest and dead person to loot maybe just! maybe you will get one but i maybe wrong i might just be lucky.
I found a legendary near the ending of act 1. It was from a dead body that I happened to click on. Also my MF was about 60 and my friend's was about 80 so I believe with the current MF system that put our MF at 70 and considering We nearly did act 1 altogether with that 70 MF, we found some decent items. I believe people on this forum said the MF system is the average of the party and that one drops for them all.
In d2 I didn't find my first legendary until nightmare, which is where I got my first legendary in d3. Drop rate is perfectly fine.
Thats why they are called legendary. Drop rates are low. On the other hand, if your lucky like me, you will find a legendary on normal LOL
05/20/2012 10:03 AMPosted by xtensive
Thats why they are called legendary. Drop rates are low. On the other hand, if your lucky like me, you will find a legendary on normal LOL

No they're called legendary because 'unique' sounded kind of lame.

In Inferno, at max level, it makes perfect sense for them to be rare. Afterall, you're going to be spending hundreds of hours in late Hell and Inferno, if not more. You only spend 6-15 hours in Normal. By having the Legendaries this rare at low levels, it almost negates the purpose of them even MAKING legendaries for those levels because almost nobody will ever see them. If they made them a little more common at low levels, it would make loot more interesting and give people a bit of that dangling carrot that made d2 so fun.

And to anyone who says you played through and didn't see uniques until nightmare... you must have the worst luck ever. Because EVERY single one of my 50-70 characters I made over the lifespan of d2 saw at least ONE by the end of act 2... and most of those weren't using hand-me-downs, I usually preferred to play purist.

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