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So I'm only Act 3 due to things that preoccupy my time, but I'm having an urge already to switch from Demon Hunter to a Monk. Alot of my friends have played as a Monk on Beta and in the actual game and are loving. So I'm being urged into switching my Demon Hunter in a Monk.

My biggest concern is that I'm 27 levels in the game and kind of don't want to start over again lol.

Has anybody played both characters? If so what is you're favorite and why?
Im playing a lvl 60 demon hunter. loving it, just wait untill you get multishot =)

i think i was asking myselfe if the DH was any fun around the mid 20's, but just play on, and you will like it.
Played both, i would prefer Demon hunter if solo or co op. I just find monk a little dull...Demon hunter has more arsenal to play with.

If you play online tho, there are few monks...And monks really help out if playing with 2-3 others as they can heal everyone close to them.
27 levels are like 12-14 hours of playing the game... If you do actually want to switch to Monk, just do that... The leveling is not the hard part, the hard part is to acquire the Inferno-required gear ;] Otherwise, GG ;]

Monk is quite fun, a bit imba imho :-)
Okay, sounds like I'm sticking with my Demon Hunter. Thanks for the input. Maybe once I'm done I'll make a Monk then. :)
Ain't one of the routine of this game is to replay the entire game to get better lootz? :)

Just finish the game with your DH, and get some lootz along the way for the Monk. Only played a few levels with the monk, it's certainly flashy. On the other hand, I LOVED the DH. Love combination of skills you can use, and how it can completed change the way you play as the DH. Whether it's the "rifleman" (rapid fire+homing rocket + turret with homing rocket, grenades) or my diablo killer, the "stunlock"-fiend.

The monk, discover him I shall soon enough. Or her. ;) (when the game allows me to log in)
I have a level 38 monk and I am really enjoying it at the moment, my wife has the same level 38 demon hunter and together we are pretty much unstoppable. I cant say it is my favourite character yet as all my others are level 25 ish, however I find it fun to play, and my wife loves playing her demon hunter. So it really depends on your playstyle/mood.

Do you enjoy running in, sucking all the mobs towards you,tanking and healing = monk

Do you enjoy high dps, multishot, turrets/traps, ranged play = Demon hunter

Both are great fun to play...hope this helps
I played a monk first and I adore it - I've gotten the furthest with it.

I'm trying out a demon hunter, too, but I'm only level 9 right now. I do love it but it's very different to play as they're way more running and shooting, so it takes time to get used to.

Once you experiment with traps, vault, and entangling shot it gets much easier though. =)
demon hunter -- invi+vault+bat+focus ( regen )....u can own elite creeps...and stun :D

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