my build is the only build that works

Demon Hunter
No... Im joking But take a look at it and iso some opinions on if this would work in higher difficulty than normal since i am only lvl 32.!beY!ZZZaa
its fine who cares it doesnt matter what build you use up until inferno anyway
If your surviving your fine. if you start dying that's when you hop into the forums as ask why. sounds like your having fun and enjoying yourself.

I find that stats placement on gear is just as critical as build.

Later on you may sub out a few of those optional skills for defensive ones...Hell can be tough, but inferno is all about surviving...most mobs will one shot you.

Edit: seems like you have allot of redundancy in the build. Aoe plue AoE plus AoE...perhaps sub out one for something with a bit more mobility. or spec into Prep early on to get used to using it? early on I love vault.

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