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So this is probably a dumb question, and I apologize, but...

I've noticed on my demon hunter that pretty much every 2h bow/crossbow and quiver combo results in a much higher "Damage" stat on the profile. However, equipping two 1-handed crossbows with similar weapon DPS to the 2h bow (say, bow is 100 dps, both 1h's are 95 dps) often results in a much lower "damage" result than the 2h/quiver. Does the "damage" stat not account for off-hand weapons, or is the 2h/quiver combo simply result in a much higher dps?
I've been playing the monk, and I've played around with a 2h diabo and 2 fist weapons. I've noticed that if the diabo and the fist weapons are close in dps (in your instance 95/100) than your damage should be close. Look at your two handed weapon and see if it adds dex. If this is the case than of course you'll have a higher dps, but something else you should be paying attention to is your attacks per second. My monk has 1.94 attacks per second with duel wield and only 1.54 with the diabo. So even though I'm doing 300 less dps, I'm hitting more often. Hope this helps
the Damage widget on your character inventory screen takes into account ALL Damage-Per-SECOND increases, such as Weapon Damage, Crit chance, Crit damage bonus, ATTACK SPEED, and Dexterity(monks and DH's). Go by that number, if you get a higher Damage number with a 2h and a quiver, use that, however, keep in mind, it is easier to find 2 1handed cross bows with say 35dex or even 40dex, then it is to find a single 2hander with 60+dex.
Also keep in mind, if you 2hander OR your quiver has Dexterity on it, then you will result in higher damage in most cases, even if the weapon dmg is the exact same.

I have come across both situations, I was using 2 1handed crossbows for awhile, found a quiver that had 10dex on it, replaces my offhand crossbow with it, gave me +12dmg or some !@#$. Later on I found a 2handed bow that gave me another +80damage. Shortly after I was able to craft 2 1handed crossbows that together gave me +55dps overall then my 2hander and quiver.

I then found a 2hander and crafted quiver that gave me an overall +190 from those 2 crossbows later on. It's slightly a madder of prefrence, if you have 2 1handed crossbows with 100.0DPS, and a 2hander bow/crossbow with 100.0DPS, assuming stats AND SOCKETS are the same with each combo of weps, you will result in the same "Damage" however often times quivers will out-do your offhand crossbow in overall dps, but its up to u if the slight dps gain of a quiver is worth the losing .5 or so attack speed in some cases.

Honestly, i'd give up 50-100dps to have 2 crossbows simply cuz its more pleasing to look at for me, but nevertheless, its your choice.

Also, note that its easier to find 2 1handed crossbows with the same wep dps and stats with 1 socket each, then it is to find a 2hander with 2 sockets. If you get 2 crossbows that addup to the exact same stats and wepdps as the 2hander, but you would gain a socket slot with them, by all means, use the 1handers

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