Its not that bad, act 2 inferno

5k armor
750 resist all
8k dps

i can take some hits and live and stuff but, my dps suffers which alot in solo games i can still kill elites in act 2, tho the leapers the guys that are extra fast champs of does are just such a pain in the !@#.

Also jailer + vortex + mortar are just ugh....

EDIT: btw i have 29k hp and mobs seem to hit for like 5k so i can take like 6 hits from full not counting diamond armor and i have aprox 700 regen per sec.

oh and i have a shield with 20% block that blocks 2-3k dmg so every 1 out of 5 hits gets cut in half.
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FBI007 I have had some issue in hell with ice mobs spamming the bombs so if one hits you your done due to the time they cast new bombs pop before old ones wear off even with reduction to imoblize effects. and some mobs showing abilities not listed like mortar/frost/teleport also using inferno and vortex have you notices some of that along with extra speed seeming to be a freebe to any mob past hell.

heres my trick for jailer and vortex / frost bombs.

Honestly what i do is simply save teleport and diamond skin when im pulled in or in a tight spot alternating both of them makes all the difference.

also you can teleport out of jailer and it will free you same thing with wallers that are arcane enchanted.

I had good success kiting with venom hydra + blizzard reduced cost just keep running and recasting, i also use prismatic armor with 40% xtra resists and force weapon for extra dmg

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