Infinite Zombie Bears

Witch Doctor
Hi Guys,

Just though I'd share my current build.!bVU!ccZYcZ

It mainly focuses on Mana Regeneration and Zombie bears. The aim, is to keep 4 skills on Cooldown, so your mana regen covers the cost for the Zombie bears, and then spam them.

Let'g into details:

Poison Dart - Snake to the face
This allows you to stun larger single enemies

Grasp of the Dead - Rain of Corpses
It both slows down enemies that might be chasing you, in case you run out of mana (because you forget to reuse your skills) and does damage to nearby enemies, and is 1/4 of the cooldown skills

Spirit Walk - Honored Guest
It both gives you the extra mana regen plus the chance to run into or out of a large mob. It is 2/4 of the colldonw skills

Soul Harvest - Soul to Waste
Not much explanation needed here. It gives you extra damage, for 1 minute, which means the large percent of te mobs can be gone, you still don't need to recast the spell right away and is 3/4 of the Colldonw skills

Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears
Insane amount of damage, without cooldown, you can literally spam it. It is both AOE and Direct damage, which start from behind you, so you get your "circle of protection"

Gargantuan - Restless Giant
It has alrge cooldown, which is good for this skill, just don't forget to recast it, even if it still alive! It has extended damage agains special mobs, which can come in handy, and can also take the Aggro off you and is 4/4 of the Colldown skills


Spiritual Attunement - Needed for extra mana + mana regen
Spirit Vessel - decearses the cooldown so spirit walk, which gives you another boost of mana, plus you get to die twice :)
Vision Quest - This is the key gives you 300% mana regen if 4 skills are on cooldown...

For me, when Vision Quest activates, I'm spamming Zombie Bears and still gain mana.

Let me knwo what you think? :)


This looks pretty normal as far as inferno builds go. Possible points of flexibility in the spec:

Hex instead of Grasp - I like it lots. It CCs nearly everything and feels more reliable against scary packs.

Big Bad Voodoo -> Rain Dance - This is 20 seconds of infinite bear spam and a full mana bar when you're done. It also happens to buff your party's damage by 20%. YMMV on whether this is better than Gargles.

Spined Dart - Snake to the Face is nice, but unreliable. If you're having mana issues, this is quite a big net gain.

Bad Medicine - Again, a party-focused change. 20% less damage to everything you poison, and you poison everything. You probably would need to be okay on mana without attunement to justify taking this, the other two passives are too strong.
I have been running a build like that since i got vision quest.!bVU!YbYZYZ

My friend and i are in act 3 nightmare

I cant wait till i am high enough level to use the bears!

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