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Is the damage shown on the inventory page your damage per hit, or DPS?

For example, I have a 2h that is 131 damage but .99 attacks per second, and I can dual wield for 101 damage but 1.72 attacks per second, which would come out to 130dps vs 172 dps if what is shown isn't DPS.
The damage you see on your inventory page is your DPS. It takes everything into account: stats, % of Crit. damage, inc of damage due to crit damage, weapon speed, inc speed from other items et el.
Thank you for the answer. As it turned out, I still had better damage output with dual wielding due to having higher attack speed. It allowed me to regenerate spirit at a much higher rate, so I could spam skills. It also increased my survivability because I am currently using the +hp/spirit used rune.

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