Restoring an item from salvage.

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Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but, is it possible to have an item restored that I accidentally salvaged?

I was trying to link my crossbow to a friend and salvaged it (it's a blue, no warning). This is likely going to be an expensive lesson but is blizzard able to do anything about it?

I'm sorry, but no, there's no way to do that. You can buy items back from the vendor for a while if you mistakenly sell it but once you destroy it with salvaging, it's gone.

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Okay :( thanks for the speedy request. I guess I have a goal again besides clearing inferno.
I was gonna delete a character so i was gonna salvage its gear and first 2 i salvaged was legendaries i had removed level requirement for. The game asked if i really wanted to do so and i just thought it was telling me becuse i was salvaging gear i was wearing. So i draged the rest of the gear to my inventory to then salvage them sense again i thought that question was becuse i was wearing it. I then realised i didint actualy know if i put the two legendaries into the chest and went to check and thats when i knew. I also thought i had seen somewhere in-game "item restoration".
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I also thought i had seen somewhere in-game "item restoration".
The only item restoration is what is listed here (and it doesn't include salvaged equipment) :

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