Mysterious Hotfixes breaking other builds?

So I made an "on-hit" build, mostly for fun, which had surprisingly good results. I was using blizard on top of wicked wind with temporal flux for slow, paralysis with living lightning or lightning blast for stun, IAS amulet and rings to increase proc rate, stun % gloves, freeze% belt, immobilize% boots and a fear% helmet. Despite being really gimmicky, mostly fun to just see monsters having random status impairments, it worked about as well / almost as well as my standard blizzard/hydra/teleport kite build. After the nerf to critical mass, NONE of my things proc frequently at all. I have a 12% chance to stun, 4% chance to fear 4% to freeze 4% to immobilize at a significant cost of my resistances. Today I barely see any effect.

Thank you blizzard for forcing me to play one way and only one way in inferno.
Diablo 3: Attack of the Clones

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