I think I just murderd my video card.

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Well I have D3 and I can run on low settings. I wanted to upgrade my video card so I opened up my computer to check how many watts my power supply could use (its a stock computer, the card is integrated but I have other slots I can use) All is good... Until I plugged everything back in. I turned on the computer and everything sounded normal. But then check signal cable popped up, so I did. Everything was plugged in all the way (Including on the inside, I triple checked) I started it back up and same thing. I tried the find source button... Nothing. I thought maybe my monitor was acting up. So I grabbed another monitor (different cable also) plugged that in and the same thing happened. Did I mess up my card somehow?

Thanks in advance!
Never mind... After hours of fiddling something finally happened (not too sure what) and it is now working again.

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