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How well will a Geforce 440 GT graphics card work for diablo 3? My desktop has a intel chipset in it so im going to upgrade my graphics card. Any recommendations on a graphics card in the $60 price range? or will this graphics card be good enough?
Should be just fine, The minimum requirement is an NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT 256 MB or ATi Radeon X1950 Pro 256 MB, that card is like 4 or 5 generations newer. You'll probably have to use low settings though.
As long as you get the GDDR5 version it'll run Diablo passably well.

That is the one im thinking about getting.
GDDR3 440 GT will definitely be an upgrade for you, but it's not that BIG of an upgrade.
Also note that GDDR5 versions of cards are noticeably better than the GDDR3 version.

Take for example, Radeon HD 6670. It comes in two flavors, GDDR3 and GDDR5 version.

In average, GDDR5 version gives about 15~20 more FPS. This means a lot when these cards struggle to put out about 40~50 FPS.
How Does this one look?

Im not sure if it will fit in my tower though. I have a dell Inspiron 580 Desktop but its the slim tower model.
Yeah, any of them will work but you need 300W power supply at least.

Your PC also needs to be a fat mid-tower.
oh dang it wont work for me then. I have a Inspiron 580 Desktop slim tower. What other choices do i have?
Radeon HD 6570 low-profile ready graphics cards are your best bet.
This one looks good?

How well would it run D3?
As mentioned, the card must mention that it is low-profile ready. That card won't fit.
Okay. This one is low profile ready.

Sorry i'm not big on knowing much about graphics cards. I'm still learning. lol

This one looks good though?
Yes, that will work.

Just remember that you have to take off the tall bracket and install the low-profile one over it.
Okay. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it! I will order this one tomorrow. :)
I think the card you buy one is not good for playing games.

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