Error 316708

Bug Report
Left a game to buy something on the AH and when I was done I went to jump back in and I got this : Unable to join player's game. Player has been removed from the party (Error 316708)
yeah same here but when i go to play i get to play for like 5mins then it just says removed from game and when i try to join back in it gives me that (error 316708) and then 30 seconds later disconnects me and says (error 3007) idk but this !@#$ really giving me a hard time playing... just that i cant even go like 10mins to do anything and i get that crap but whatever.
bumped for Blizzards knowledge
same ! i hope they make a patch for this problem cuz this sucks spent alot of money buying a new pc and the game and a 12 year wait for it to come out just to not be able to play it .....

plz patch soon
this happens to me as well, I'm playnig solo and get disconnected every 30 minutes.. then can't continue because I was kicked from party (what party?! I was playing by myself!) and then if I log out my computer will get stuck in a black screen... I have to ctrl+alt+supr and change users in windows in order to log in again into mine and run diablo 3 again...
Same here...
also having this problem
I have seen multiple posts about this problem and would like to see Blizzards staff info on this.
And dont just tell me go to tech support cause ive done that already.

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