any build help how to defeat belial

Witch Doctor
Im currently level 25..ty!!!
Pick up Spirit Walk... the fight is then easy.. mainly use it during the fire meteor.
Haunt is a boss killer. Allows you to throw a DoT on him and then focus on dodging his attacks.!Zc!aZaZa

Big Bad Voodoo is simply cos there's nothing else to take for you atm.
Honestly, Spirit walk is a must for that fight. Everything else should be single target stuff.!cX!bZaaaa is the best I can think of. Spirit walk, with Jaunt will let you shrug off his aoe phase. Keep locusts and haunt on him for mana / life gain + trigger bad med. Garg to fight off the mobs. Spam attack with dart / Barrage. Extremely mana efficient build. Not exactly a high dmg build, but his 3rd phase makes anything aoe kinda useless imho.
Found it easy to stay to the right side of the screen since you can see exactly where everything is (as opposed to the left, where his weapons and arms block your view). Good luck
05/17/2012 08:15 PMPosted by MafiaBoss
Im currently level 25..ty!!!

He telegraphs his attacks big time. Just watch out for his fists and he's cake on normal.
finally defeated belial! yea Spirit walk helps to dodge the explosion...ty guys!! WD ftw!!!

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