Anyone else doing this?

It seems like when I come across a really tough encounter or see a really huge mob up head I wont even look at them. I'll be looking at the health globe the whole time and make sure I heal and spam revenge whenever I'm in trouble. How do you guys avoid this? It really eats into the gameplay experience.
Gonna have to mess around with your build to get a good mixture. If you go into gameplay options and select elective mode you can put any skill anywhere. If you get a nice mixture of defense and damage you won't have that fear any longer.

I currently have 8k hp, 59% damage reduction, and 1050 damage in nm at lvl 41 and I am having no trouble. Be sure to balance out your Vit and Str, these are your main attributes as a Barb. I'm pretty sure armor also reduces elemental damage, so pump that stuff up.

With my Shouts I have 9k hp, 65% reduction, and 1600 dmg. Helps a lot imo.

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