Stash Item+Gold Gone

Bug Report
Logged on this morning and decided to make a new character, successful, attempted to start a game, placed in que, waited 15 min get dropped (maint?) couldn't log on for a while, finally got into game on the character i had just created, character had quest progression from the character i was playing beforehand started mid field, left game made new, went to check for low level gear and found my stash was completely empty aside from 2 potions and i only had 19 gold that i picked up on my way to new tristram from the starting point.
Are there any recent people in your "recent friends" list that you do not remember?
This happened to me today. I had firebat#1479 as a friend randomly. Contacted support, but all they said was essentially a "too bad, get your stuff all over again."
not that im aware, i kind of doubt my account was compromised as there were a few things that wouldnt make sense, such as why would they put two potions into my storage and also leave all the items on my character, the only thing that was affected was my storage and gold my monk still has a full inventory of items i didnt put into stash and what he had equipped. guiltysin submit a ticket they will most likely do a compromised account restore, however any progress made beyond the point of it being compromised will be lost.

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