d2 vs d3 economy

Items and Crafting
d2 = sojs then hr's

playing d2 u alwyas i(f you played enough that is) had a good idea of a market value of items..
1 soj, 1 hrs, for a shako????

In diablo 3 it seems the value of goods will be high, and low. Since legendary items arent the best in the game its gonna be hard to get a sense of workth for certain gear...

anythoughts of how this is gonna progress.. it will be interesting for sure
I think that for now, the lack of solid carbon copy items is causing a ton of distress in the market. However, after a little while every item that drops will be mostly just like some other item you know the value of until it is relatively static.

I mean there will always be those cases, as there are with rares, where it's just perfectly rolled and no one really has a price i mind. But that will be the exception not the rule!
the game just came out. There isn't a defined economy whatsoever. The only currency is gold. It will take a while before there is a change of currency. I'm guessing it will be real time cash!

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