Looking for a monk build [Hell Mode]

as the title says, looking for a monk build, im currently using: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aZigXQ!YUX!YbZZbc

spamming MoH, every time i get the chance, using my def CD whenever possible and needed, but i feel as though im not doing enough and im still dying..

btw, i am dual wielding, and im at the end of act 1 of hell.
resistances equal to about 33% with the run for MoH.. but im thinking about going back to boon of protection, and itll go to somewhere near 29%. any information would help!
Ive had good success through Hell act II with:


I love holding the stand still button and teleporting where im needed with Thunderclap.

Secondary is the aoe, 1 and done as far as spirit spending and keeping it simple for aoe packs. 10 seconds seems needed as i find it wears off while kiting sometimes at 6 seconds.

Cyclone strike is my favorite overall. Pulls elites out of fire/poison pools. you can kite and grab the closet one to you and melee him up before others arrive. Obviously for aoe packs it pulls them in for sweeping wind. Grabs pesky runners, like loot trolls.

Invuln shield that heals me.. I cant get enough of it. It just feels so warm and fuzzy inside that shield.

Blinding flash. It basically simulates a Barbarians best defensive move. and with the 2nd flash 6s later, you can murder the 1st wave and get another pop on the 2nd. 2nd flash doesnt happen where the 1st was, but where you currently are at 6s after.

I prefer Evasion mantra, i spam the bonus during fights as this build doesnt require much spirit. And when using Transcendence passive (heal per spirit) this keeps banging out 2k heals.

Passives i go between Transcendence and Resolve.
I change out Cyclone Strike for Breath of Heaven(Heal)with damage increase rune for tough fights. Or Blinding Flash for Heal if multiplayer.

Without a doubt it was just stand there and smash everything untill Hell. I do my share of backpeddling. And trying like hell to get some decent gear for reasonable prices on the AH..
as soon as i hit act 2 hell i suddenly needed to be ALOT tankier

heres the build i currently use.


you want to start looking for vit gear to take advantage of the 15% shield mantra of healing gives, also look for a random resist, you want that same resist on most of your pieces if you can help it.

one with everything is an amazing passive, you can stack one resist and get that for all resists. id shoot for around 150-200 resist.

id trade your secondary weapon for a shield.

this may be a bit overkill for tankiness but im able to solo everything (tho some elites take about a minute) im used to playing with a wizard/DH so i kind of need to be tankier.

the trick is to find a good balance of damage and tankiness. if you go too tanky you wont be able to generate enough spirit fast enough to keep you alive. if you go too much damage you will die before being able to be healed.

56 monk at the end of act 2 hell 35k hp, 250 resists, 3k damage.
I am in Act III hell right now and this build has been working for me.


I use a 2-handed weapon and stack a good mix of vitality and dexterity. For the most part I have been playing with a Barbarian and a WD, but this build will help taking care of trash and bosses quite fast. I am a 55 monk and have 23k hp, and have roughly 8k dmg.

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