Help? Something going horribly wrong

Im close to the end of Act I (Nightmare) but i've come on here as to look for reasons as to why I keep dying, despite my (apparently not) strong weapons/armour.

I'm lvl 36 and my DPS is 395.77. Which seems to be dismally lower than everyone else.
My setup is!YXc!ZbZaaa

Double wielding two swords, one 60.2 dps and with 150 dex., the other 53.9 and 122 vit. with a range of armour focusing on general defence + as many buffs as possible.

I know i'm a noob and this is my first time playing Diablo so still a lot to learn. In simple terms, could someone explain to me what it is i'm doing so horribly wrong?
No, your not very well geared, unfortunately.

Have you been/do you want to use the AH? The AH will make your gear much much better. Skill builds are more of a personal decision in NM, so I'll focus on gear.

DW adds a +15% attack speed bonus. Unless you can find two good weapons, it's better to stick with one weapon. I'd recommend a 1 hand + shield combo for the fast spirit generation and increased survivability.

At your level, you should be able to find a socketable +AS sword/fist with 70dps. Put a ruby in and you should be able to hit 90 dps on your weapon.

Upgrade your armor similarly: look for pieces that have +dex and +vit stats. There's lots of affordable gear that will give you >80 points of stats. You should be able to hit 600 dex/600 vit, or some other distribution of those primaries.

Look for rings/amulets with +damage. Any increase to your base damage is multiplied by your dex bonus, so a ring that says +3-6 damage on 600 dex, is actually +21-42 base damage. On a fast weapon like a fist, that's an extra +40dps at base AS, and likely more if you have any +AS items.

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