Azmodan solo In Inferno post patch

Demon Hunter
I took him down when I didn't have so much dps (don't remember exact numbers).

1. When you start fighting don't move, just put mark on him, use tentacles and when meteor is about to hit you use SS, don't stop shooting
2. portal appears - destroy himit fast and attack azmodan again
3. he spawns 2-3 pools which aren't directed at you so you can still shoot at him but when he casts aoe falling stuff run away and run to the edge of area and start running f.e. clockwise from 1 to 11 (on clock). The trick is to try and count every how many sec he spawns it and use SS before even pool spawns under you. If you do it right the pool will spawn under your feet but you will outrun it instantly. He will stop casting pools just about you hit opposite corner of the map you started running (11 on clock).
4. After pools phase just nuke him down. Don't have any tips for laser couse I tried to kill him before.

Now with 60k/ 125k (with sharpshooter) I just nuke him down after he spawns 2nd pool

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