Keen Eye and Foresight buffs not on the UI

Can we have the buffs shown on the UI next client patch?

Pretty please. It's annoying.
hold CTRL while hovering over ur skill.
05/24/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Oreos
hold CTRL while hovering over ur skill.

Herp derp.

I don't mean the tooltips. I know what the skills do. I want to see them as buffs. You know, above the action bars, with durations/timers. Kind of like any other buff in the game - Mantras, Mantra uses, Valor stacks, Serenity immunity, Breath of Heaven damage buff, Cyclone Strike dodge buff (when runed).

Hope that's enough examples.
Yeah it's pretty stupid.

Sometimes I run Combination Fist passive with one spirit gen + deadly reach w/ foresight. I have to periodically open my character panel to see if I have the buffs up.

Even if there were buffs for them you can only see 5 buffs like Uuna said. Pretty bad.

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