Gold balance and stash wiped (twice)

Bug Report
Submitted a ticket yesterday morning but no response yet.

Situation 1:

- Create a barbarian. Play halfway through act 2, amass ~20k gold.
- Create a demonhunter. Start game. Gold is still there. Play through almost all of act 2, get gold balance to 35k.
- Log on after the hotfix early this week (5/20 or 5/22). Demonhunter starts game at the beginning of act 1 (at level 24!), on the very first quest of the game. Leave game, switch quests to the last quest of act 2 (the one I was actually on), go back into the game. Gold - wiped. Magic sword in stash - wiped. Stack of potions in inventory - wiped. Stack of magic essences in inventory - wiped.

Situation 2:

- Play demonhunter through some of act 3. Build up 10k gold and maybe 20 gems.
- Create sorceress, switch characters, enter game. Gold is still there (10k), gems are still in the stash.
- Create monk, switch from sorceress to monk, enter game. Gold - wiped. Gems in stash - wiped.
- Switch back to demonhunter. Gold and gems - still wiped. Stack of magic essences in inventory still there, however.

Note that in both cases all equipped items were still there. The only things that got wiped were the gold balance and some of what was in the stash or inventory (e.g. magic essences got wiped the first time but not the second time). I don't see how this could be a hack, since the first time happened when I was switching quests and the second time when I was switching characters.

Either tell me that there is supposed to be some magic raindance that I need to perform every time I switch characters/quests to prevent a gold wipe, and I will happily do so, or, well, this is a pretty brutal bug.

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