Auction House bug buy out item

Bug Report
Just buy out an item. They took away my money. But no item show up on my completed list. And they took away my money. (40,000).

ID# 96658494

I believe the causing by there an item on my completed list which I can't move to my stash. (bug
happened to many people). And I bought an item which causing the item never makes it to my complete list. But the system took my money.

So there 2 bugs. I think the database is lock out by the item fail to transfer to my slash. So the action is blocked.

ID# 78189696

So system took my money and can't complete the move the item to my completed list. So my item is missing. And I go back to look at the search list of course the item is no longer that.
the same happened to me as well but the item showed up like a day or 2 later
I hope that is the case for me. Thank that give me comfort!

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