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I understand that Blizzard wants to protect their intellectual property, but this is rediculous. This is the first Diablo game that requires online play, regardless if you do not want to play multiplayer. I have a family and we cancel our internet, cable etc at times in order to save money. If I own the game I should be able to enjoy the single player experience at home without the added attraction of paying for internet. I do not pirated games and I preordered and bought the game retail to avoid internet requirements. No I did not realize or see at purchase that this game needed the internet. I am pissed that I need to play on the internet. Blizzard thinks that we all have buckets of cash like them that we can maintain internet indefinately. KMA Blizzard!
In addition it stinks that you have to rely on servers, log in every time you access the game from your home computer, and then get booted out of servers at times. Not to mention the Big Brother aspect of them Blizzard tracking us online and data mining as we play. I have loved Blizzard since Warcraft the original game which I still own, but I will have to think hard about purchasing from them for myself or my sons in the future because of these Facist tactics. Hail Blizzard! KMA!
Yes , this sucks that Blizzard sold out and makes people play online. Yes, they claim that they are fighting piracy, but stop pumping the company line. This is an infringement on our right to not have to pay for an internet connection and still enjoy games that we purchase especially retail. Someday all of you may need to cut some corners like internet even temporarily to save some money, especially in this economy. It is an infringement on our pocket books to have to pay for internet on top of the purchase of Blizzard games in order to enjoy said game. This ticks me off and I hope many more people because someday you to may have to make a hard bugetary decision, and you to will still want to enjoy a good game.

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