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Hello hardcore community!

Rizzo here, just hoping to get some people to sign this thread so we can have our own separate trading forums, as most of you probably know the trading forums currently are mostly players from Softcore, as the majority of players are in that category, and it makes it quite difficult to sell/buy items for your hardcore heros!

Sign for a more efficient trading option for us hardcore players!

Edit: Brianjones makes a good point, request sticky and sign if you'd like to see this!
I was just thinking this. MAKE IT SO. Lets start by requesting a sticky for this!
This would definitely be a major improvement.
Sounds good.

Change the thread topic to "suggestion" instead of petition though, please. Technically breaks the forum rules right now.
I logged into my Bnet account to find something of this exact nature, and I found none.

We are the true diablo 3 players ;p I only play HC. Already lost 5 chars.
Definatly this, so annoying sifting through the pages of softcore people trying to sell their 1k dps weps that were farmed by tyreal.
I have the same thoughts... No room for HC in normal trade forums and people are just posting here?
Even illegal sellers in D2 had seperate listings.
We need seperate everything forums to talk builds etc too.
Signed. We play a seperate Diablo, we should have a seperate trading forums for items.
I wouldn't mind HC class forums either, even if the traffic is low. Trying to pry information out of the normal class forums is nearly impossible, as they are basically 24/7 inferno !@#$%fests

They just aren't going to have the writeups on good nightmare and hell guides for skill combos and other class tactics. This is especially noticeable when half of your runes are still unlocked as you are leveling up, and need to rely on weaker combos.

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