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Stopped reading there. If you can't even get this right, I am not going to waste my time reading the rest of your wall of text.

Its dropped massively in subscriptions ever since Cataclysm was released (currently sitting at 10mil down from 12, and thats in 1 year), how is that NOT dying when EVERY single other expansion raised the subscriptions?

You seem to not understand the difference between subscription fluctuation, which happens at the end of EVERY expansion, and a dying game. WoW is over 8 years old, with all the new games coming out and that have come out you can't expect it ti hold at 12 million subs. That is just stupid. But I would say it is also stupid to call a game sitting at over 10 million subs dying. And when MoP releases subs will increase, as they do with every other expansion. Learn to tell the difference. Even if WoW had half of its current subs it would still be a very successful MMO.
OP is spot on.

In the end, people will pay to win if given the choice, because it's the path of least resistance.

Blizzard knows this, and will capitalize on it. Do you honestly think that customer dissatisfaction, WHEN NOT COUPLED WITH A REDUCTION IN REVENUE will matter to them as long as their cashflow doesn't decrease?

05/29/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Wreck
Is anyone still in complete denial about how truly boring this game is or have people started to shake off the honey moon dust?
The dust is shaking off, definitely. I will be very skeptical the next time I think about giving this company my money. I was considering the SCII expansion, that is completely off the table now, and yes, purely out of spite. The new WoW expansion also, spite. Come to think about it.... I can't think of any game of their's I would buy after this. We may just be seeing the death rows of a once great company. Shame on you, Blizzard.
the community should keep bumping this post and reposting it if they delete it.
05/29/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Glok
Yea... customer dissatisfaction has NEVER hurt a business EVER


If you believe for a moment theres more than a handful of a very vocal but tiny minority of dissatisfied customers then you can join the OP on the idiot bandwagon.

I think its a little naive to say this.
thank you
They did randomization. There's an event that spawn one time in 5 in some of the levels. Also for the random monster distribution, there's a cool system that randomize 4 spells out of a great selection of OP spell on the elites to make the game full of surprises.

More seriously, it seems like most of the things I was complaining about were announced...

however I did spot one thing that I found humorous.

"Except, it wasn't given to us, we still had to pay you full price for it: $60."

So to add to the list of QQ'ing on this forum, we now have to add the game wasn't free....got it.
someone call the burn unit. zing
I don't agree with all you've said, but you make a very persuasive argument all the same.
It is funny you put the honeymoon phase in your write-up; this is completely true!

Recently I was thinking, how the heck can it take so many years to produce this type of game with so many technical problems?

The storyline isn't exciting.
Diablo is a girl? Who ever came up with that idea needs a pay raise

Any reasonable person would automatically know there is no way it took this many years to produce this game.

But then you made a brilliant point.

The amount of time they spent on RMAH must be overwhelming. To grab more cash from the consumer. It really is sad for the consumer. And people who can still stick up for this company have no backbone - sorry, but it's true.
Guys, this will be just like in beta.

People said the change was too much from D2, the always online was bad, the graphics were not dark enough, etc.

Even with all the negativity, D3 was the top selling game at release.

It is still #2 top selling vid game at Amazon.com and still #1 top PC vid game. Even with all the continued negativity.

A lot of people like playing the game, tell their friends they like playing the game. Then their friends buy the game even two weeks after release when many triple-A games already fade out.

Anyone guessing if it hits 7-8 million copies sold by the end of the month?

I now wish I wasn't one of the people that bought this game.
+1 for truth.
Oh my, the crazies have really come out of the woodwork for this thread.

The number of people who seem to believe in this terrible, evil Activision conspiracy is quite astonishing.

I don't know what's more ridiculously stupid: that people actually believe there's a malevolent, money-grabbing conspiracy, especially considering since this game involves a ONE TIME, $60 purchase price, or that people genuinely believe that somehow Activision is over in blizzard headquarters pulling some sort of puppet strings.

Whatever you people are smoking, you really need to stop it.

No one is after your money, this game is extremely entertaining, there is no subscription involved with it, content is release free of charge to all purchasers of the original game.

What is wrong with people today?
yeah man nothing is like what we was saw in those pre release vids

seriously, just ask for a refund before the 30days are up
But... Man, I don't see where the bitterness is coming from - I look at all the games that I have paid 50 or 60 bucks on, and the amount of time that I put in to those games and feel I got my monies worth - I have doubled nay tripled the time input into this game and LOVE it so far.

A) your a great writer - this was a very well written article I applaud you, (and I think you probably are a professional...)

but after your artfully written article, I just have to ask myself - have I had fun? Will I keep having fun, (as long as I can actually play that is...) ?

And the answer to both of those Q's is:

yes definitely.

I really liked this game - I'd LOVE it if the Content, Combat and Story in other games that I pay the same amount of money for would be on par or equal to it.

As for the predictions of the evils of the Real Money transactions - I mean ya, it's there (or planned to be there at least,) - and apparently there are some folks that will use it - but I have more than 100 hours into the game and haven't spent a DIME other than my purchase price and I have had a BLAST!

so - your argument (eloquent as it was,) kind of falls apart at the seams, seeing as how they have provided me with a product that appeals to me whether or not I spend money in their 'Real Money Auction House' ... and by looking at the # of people clamoring to play during the brief while that the servers are down, it looks like a LOT of folks are enjoying the game - IN SPITE of there not being a way to spend 'real dollars' yet.

Each of us have our own opinions - and though I think your an excellent writer - I have to disagree with your opinion if your opinion is that this isn't a good game worth the money that we spent on it.

It is indeed worth every Cent I have spent - and I'd do it again in a heart beat.

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