What is kiting?

SOmeone explains pls :D
Well on a windy day, your attach fabric to the end of a piece of long string in a certain way, and bam, that sucker takes off into the air and you are officially kiting

* In terms of gaming, I do believe kiting refers to the act of running around the outside of a mob and running away picking off the enemies slowly from the outside.
When you're as high as a kite, you're kiting.
Well, I could be wrong, but I believe kiting is an old old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.
I didn't know there is a wiki page for kiting...
basically using hit-and-run to kill enemy without taking (too much) damage
The term has been around a long time, since well before WoW. Basically, you slow your target down, or you run faster than your target, so that you can keep your distance from it while attacking it, so that you do not take a lot of damage from it.
3 people attempted a joke.. nice :)

ok thanks, what i do majority of the time then xD
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HAHAHaHhahaha LOL!
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He dropped a plastic Mirror Image at the end and they all went for it!
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this deserves its own thread
You do the opposite of a monk or barbarian. You do NOT stand and fight toe to toe.

You stick and move. Run back, fire away, when they get close, run some more.

When you get far enough away, THEN you pull the old ball of string out of your back pocket and let that kite fly.
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this deserves its own thread

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To the guy who asked about what kiting is, Here is a example and a plan for you.

I am currently farming act 1 Inferno and kiting every elite/golden pack. I have managed to kill (all) packs that I have run into outside. (I say outside because inside is a whole other ballgame. Farming right now and kiting is good outside.... my DPS/Vit/Resists need to come way up for a bad pack inside)

(a note) This assumes you have 12 - 20% run speed for the fast packs

The strategy is fairly simple, I carefully clear all/most trash out of my intended kite area. I like long straight stretches that end with a terrain object I can run in a circle around. Preferably with a health pool nearby. In act one there is usually 3 or 4 health pools. Once this is all done I find my first pack. I train them to the start of my long stretch. Then you start the kite. Run backwards and carefully cast your blizzards right in front or a little ahead of pack, cast Hydra in front of you as you run. Once you reach your end and terrain object you start the circular kite until mobs are dead. ( heh or you are). If you do die, recharge and carefully get back into the middle of your kite path and re pickup the pack. Then rinse repeat until mobs are dead. It helps to have a stable internet connect and make sure your settings are setup for max FPS. sadly I run low with shadows off in order to guarantee the best FPS i can get. It works for me though as I have already seen the game 3 times over at max settings.

I have a strange hybrid build currently. I do use Venom Hydra/Blizzard with stark winter rune. I also use EA/FA Rune and MW/FW Rune. However I use electrocute with chain lightning rune. I have a 2h sword with 97% Crit Damage and a lot of IAS and Crit% Damage gears. Here is a link to my build. (btw giving up DS was a painful decision to make. But I am happy with FA.) Just means no mistakes or I die.


Now before all the flamers start calling noob and wait till Act2 and so on. D3 is all about figuring out what works for you. I am farming act1 with no difficulty and once I get my DPS/Vit/Resists up I am going to be fine I believe. I am 30k Health, 30k DPS right now and have the Templar Defensive/Heal Specced with a Cold weapon that %fears on hit. As far as I can tell !@#$e is just going to get harder and kiting is the name of the game imo. Coming from d2 hell I know how to kite.
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SOUNDS about right
I lol'ed. Now replace with a little girl and were talking.
Kiting = Dodging = Dex = Just stack it.

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