Mystic Ally?

I hit lvl 22 last night and instead of Seven sided Strike, I decided to try Mystic Ally and hes awesome... I mean he hits pretty good and even runs into the back of the mobs pulling aggro before I get there, he don't seem to take much damage and this allows me to free up spirit for other abilities.

Is he really that good, or is he only good now in noob normal mode?
Mystic ally is still pretty good in nightmare but in hell it starts dying.
Personally, I used Mystic Ally from shortly after I unlocked it, all the way through both Normal and Nightmare. I then dropped it for part of Act 1 Hell just to try some other things, and then brought it back during Act 2. I'm now about halfway through Act 3 on Hell and still using it. For Normal and Nightmare, I liked using the Water Clone, because it had a good chance of wiping mobs out with the wave attack. In Hell I'm using Air Clone and it's been working out really well so far. 50% of your weapon damage (40% attack + 10% wind cyclone around the air clone) for as long as it stays alive is WAY good.

I also believe the clone's hp is somehow based on your life total because mine rarely, if ever, dies, and my HP is a couple hundred shy of 40,000. I make it a point to thoroughly explore every map and kill every mob, so I'm not "skipping the hard parts" or anything like that; I fight everything, everywhere. As a matter of fact, I have only recast the clone once since starting the Act 3 mission where you cross the Arreat Bridge, and I'm through both battlefields already.

Basically, I started using it right away because I looked at it as, at the minimum, a constant, always active 40% damage increase for a single cast. I feel that's just too good to pass up. Just 15-20 minutes ago, my clone and Templar were able to hack away at a blue enemy and kill it while I dealt with the other two, and again, this is Act 3 on Hell. I do have some pretty good gear on the templar, but he doesn't hit anywhere nearly as hard as the clone does, so for them to take out a blue is saying a LOT about the clone. It hitting for 40% weapon damage, as well as having a constant 10% weapon damage circling it is pretty damn good, imo. Theoretically, even if the air clone follows you, runs up to an enemy and just sits there (again, theoretically), it would be like a 10% damage increase for you. So the clone swinging for another 40% is the icing on the cake.

That all being said, I highly recommend the clone as a spot on your skill bar. Use the water clone until you have the air clone, and make the switch. Had I known what I know now, I would have started using the air clone immediately.

Hope this helps, and good luck on whichever route you take!

Just thought I would follow up now that I've cleared Hell and started Inferno. Well, the clone was really helpful through all of Hell mode. In Act 3, it only died a few times once I reached the downward spiral, and every time was to champion mobs. It also took a while for it to die during Act 3 boss (I'm not sure if you know what the bosses are, so I won't talk too much about them.) Then, even though it started to die more often in Act 4, it still helped with pulling hate and dealing some extra damage to mobs. It was nice to not have every Corrupted Angel, Oppressor, etc. come straight for my head, and it was actually quite effective at giving me some "personal time" with one or two champions to widdle them down, instead of all 3 or 4 right away at the same time. Act 4 Boss... Take the clone or leave it, it's up to you. If your gear is decent, you can basically run whatever you want and be fine.

Inferno is a whole nother story. Clone is done. Even though I was doing quite fine with normal mobs, the clone was dying way too often for it to be even remotely effective. Personally in the build I run, I swapped out Clone for Dashing Strike. Now, from what I've seen, you'd be hard pressed to find a Monk that runs Dashing Strike in Inferno, but let me be the first to tell you that it has saved my Monk more times than I remember.
Clone serves other purposes on inferno.

I cleared inferno with earth ally, you should allways keep an eye on him and recast him if he dies.

And he should die, he is basically a another soak in the fray.
Every damage he takes is damage you dont take (in a perfect scenario, sometimes he just stands in puddles).
And thats whats the taunt is for on earth ally.
Also more Max Hp, dont mind if i do.

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