Hypethetical Inferno Builds/Tactics for barbs

I should hit inferno tonight and all the QQ, anxiety, and frustration expressed from other players especially other barbs has got me really excited about hitting Act 2.

I’m completely theory crafting right now because I’m not actually in inferno and can’t play until tonight but everything seems centered around the Elite packs which given the right affixes are the bane of us all.

Now given my experiences in Hell so far the elites are the only thing that can hurt me so I’m assuming after a little gear the Elites will be the primary concern in Inferno as well.

Given that sprint is in a lot of high end builds I assume that barbs are in effect kiting as best they can given their own cool downs and stuns. If this is the case how long is it actually taking to down an elite/boss? Assuming you can keep this up indefinitely without dying but just stun kiting etc is it taking forever to kill something? From my experiences the single target aspect of an elite/boss combined with our primary heal ability “revenge” is what is causing the difficulty?

If that’s the case is anyone trying an all out DPS build to combine our cool downs to just out right gibb the elites or if not gibb them then kite for the 90 secs until they are up again? I think that’s what I’m going to try because it seems to be working really well in hell and given the proper gear I would think it would scale rather well.

You guys can flame me all you want but I’m just stoked about the challenge and don’t mind dying a lot to experiment.

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