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After countless painstaking "solutions" to fixing the two main issues for getting Diablo III to not only update but install properly I finally found a solution. Here's what I did:


Error Code: BLZPTS00007 is caused by the updater being unable to communicate with Agent.exe and this is because Internet Explorer(you read that correctly) is blocking internet access to it. Here's how to fix [li]that:

    Open Internet Explorer
    Press Alt + F
    Uncheck "Work Offline"
    Then click the "Tools" icon. A tiny gear at the top right
    Go to the "Connections" tab
    Select "Never dial a connection"
    Then click "LAN Settings"
    Uncheck ALL boxes.


Baring in mind you correctly followed the above steps you may now use the disc installer or the client to download properly but before you do that you need to:

Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Click the "Processes" Tab
Sort all processes by name.
End all processes named "Agent.exe" You are now done with Task Manager.
Right-click the Diablo III Launcher. (if using the disc right-click the disc in "My Computer" then select "Open" THEN right-click "Diablo III Setup")
Click "Properties"
Select the "Compatibility" Tab
Choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
Check the "Run as Administrator" box
Click "Ok"
Right-click the launcher and select "Run as Administrator"

Bada-boom, bada-BING!



If after installation you get to the launcher and during patching it tell you a file is corrupt and needs to be re-downloaded this is what you need to do:

Go to your Diablo III/Updates folder(where ever you had it installed)
Delete the ONLY file in there.
Re-launch from the shortcut on your desktop.

Diablo III should now get past the Update window and install properly where ever the hell you want it to. As for in-game issues, not a clue, game is still installing and I'm sure I'll be back on the forums complaining about those later.


Dear Blizzard,

I have been a customer of your since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and up to this point your launchers have worked pretty damn well. What happened? I mean, when your own customers have to twiddle around their computers just to get your game to install properly that reflects badly on you. I hope you've learned something because if I hadn't figured this out I, and probably a ^-*! load of people, would have been asking for a full refund.

Sincerely yours, a former 6-year player of World of Warcraft, Nowhere Man.
Request sticky & thumbs up. Good job, nowhereman.

I had a slighty different issue/setup in that I had copied over the game files from another PC (not the setup but full install) why download two lots of 7GB+ when you don't need to right?... and it was hanging at 96% ish can't be sure but thats where most people seem to be having a problem.

So I removed the file inside the Update folder... and it is now working!

doesn't solve the HLSLshader.mpq problem
this just like everyother proposed fix does not solve my problem. tomorrow i am going to attempt a reformat my harddrive and try with a fresh install of windows

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