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Don't know if this has been mentioned, but the auction house has a few things wrong it's very laggy manual searches don't work price sorting doesn't work. I don't know if there is a fix to this, if so could someone be kind and post a link to the forum fix thanks. :3
Now equitment search has stopped working all together now.... Please can this get fixed :)
It almost completely refused to work for me last night, however it's running smoothly for me right now. Not the best it has been before, but still pretty good.

Try filtering what you're searching for? Though, even filtering it, it's taking about 20 sec to display the results...
thats funny because it ain't working for me right now. It sometimes shows stuff then it doesn't and it sure doesn't show up with anything when you put some stats with the search. I had no issues last night today its like... hell.
oh god... It took them 5hours last night to "fix" it.....

same issue.. you could search without filters.

Blizzz WTB Indexed
AH doesn't work for me either. Can't use any filter whatsoever or items wont show up. The search also "freezes" sometimes so that i cannot press the search button for another try.

I can only hope this issue will get some attention. For me, the AH is kinda unusable right now.
Sometimes sorting by price doesn't list any items (says no results).

Also sometimes when I put in minimum filters I get no results, but when I adjust the minimum I put in by 1, I get tons of results (and the results should have been there for the previous search). So for example I might search min 30 intelligence, no results, but min 29 spits out tons, and there are plenty with 30+ int. Makes no sense.
Just tried to get onto the ah there and nothing not even a result, its as if the ah part of the game didn't exist. >.>

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