Error 3007 - You've bin removed from the game

Bug Report
I've bin having this issue since i've started to play the game on wednesday

Today, i did unplug my D-Link router and plug my internet connection directly in my computer
Works great, no more disconnect, played for 4-5 hours

I didn't had any port forwaring the first time, then i tried to forward
1119, 6881-6999: UDP and TCP to my computer internal ip address
Still got the same issue afterward

I haven't touch the port 80 though...should i...

Yes it's working great now, but i'd like to put my D-Link back it must be options in the router

I did put the Secondary Logon services to automatic by the way, since i've readed it was required...but on a fresh Windows 7 installation, it's not enabled....and before activating that, the game was still working, having the issue with disconnection but i realy need to enabled that....

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