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I am missing the Tristram Act 1 conversation with Leah. After what quest does it come up?
I wasn't taking notes when I went back and got that one, but IIRC it was right after she opens the gate for you next to the old tristram waypoint. It was definitely early in act I.
Nice I got it thanks!
I got it after we finished killing Captain Dailtan in the hidden cellar of Adria's hut. If anyone else needs a good point to find it.
Got this right after clearing Old Tristram and using the teleport going to go back to town. Talk to Leah before talking to the captain.
To clarify, it's after clearing the old ruins.
Where you kill the mothers, and the mini boss, return to town via the waypoint.
The start of 'the fallen star' quest.
Actually just take the quest from captain, kill whatever at gate and u should have it without going to old ruins :)

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