Is this good enough for D3?

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So I'm planning on buying a desktop to be able to play a couple games at a better quality than with my laptop. I found this:

and I'm wondering whether it'd be good enough to play Diablo 3. To anyone that knows a lot about PC's, could you please tell me whether it can or cannot, on what settings it could run the game, if the graphic's card is good, the CPU, memory, anything. Just give me your opinion and feedback on this PC, or recommend another in the same price range if you think it could do better. Thanks
It can play D3, but not very well, and CPU is poor too.

You can do a lot better for that price.
Do you have any recommendations, because I can't compare 2 computers and figure out which one is better by myself.
For that level of budget, I'd rather recommend that you build your own. However, if that is not feasible:

i3-2120 PC


(You will install this card into that PC)
Radeon 7750
Thanks, and how well would that run Diablo 3?
Pretty much high settings
Oh wow, and would a graphics card that is in more of the likes of a Radeon HD 6850 be worth it compared to the 7750 you recommended ?
Power supply on that computer needs to be replaced if you want a better graphics card
And I guess that buying a new power supply and a Radeon HD 6850 would be up to like, $250 instead of just $110 for the Radeon HD 7750?
Yeah. In that case, it would be significantly better to build your own rather than buying a pre-built
I actually want to build my own, but I don't even know what to buy, what are the best parts and which ones synergize better than with others, etc. I know I'm asking you a lot, and you don't have to but could you help me find pieces that could build a PC that would still be in the price range of $500 to $650?
Good. Willing to build your own? Check this thread out:
Alright, I'm finding parts and paying attention to your guide at the same time. If I get stuck on, for example, two different graphics card and don't know which one would be better, could you tell me which one would be better?
Alright, so far I've found a motherboard:

but I'm stuck on 2 different graphics card, being:

And for whichever graphics card I get, I've found this power supply:

So far, is this decent?
Given the same price, IceQ would be bit better.

As the guide noted, power supply MUST have 80 Plus Bronze certification. The one you selected does not have one. So don't buy that.

The motherboard should only be bought if you will either do:

CrossFireX / SLi
Get overclockable i5 CPU, then OC it

If you won't do either of these, Z77 is not a good use of money.
Ok, well I updated it a little now. Now I have:

Graphics Card:

Power Supply:

Hard-Drive: or

Oh, and if i get a hard-drive, do I still need a SSD?
Are you going with an Ivy Bridge CPU? Have you decided what CPU you are going with? :o

That power supply would do.

No. SSD is optional, and only if you have extra budget available.

Either hard drive is fine, but Seagate one has a special going on (ends in 1 day though).
Errr, how do I choose what CPU I want to get? Like, whats good and what isn't ? -.-
You should check out the example builds at the end of my guide, which has parts picked out depending on your price range. :o

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