Demon Hunter - Perfect Solo Inferno Act 1/2

Demon Hunter
add me in game and ill help with what i can TheBlazed#1562

Sharpshooter on Screenshot

I gotta say your build looks ok, but I have a hard time seeing how you stand having that low dps. My dps is almost 65k with sharp shooter maxed, and around 31/32k with sharp shooter reset. I have around 32k hp as well, my resist need work, but since DH's get 1 shot anyway, whats the point. with ss maxed after a crit and ss reset

My build is!TYe!aaZbYZ
I also use prep with the healing rune because its the best heal we have, I use gloom with the 65% damage reduction to semi tank near death mobs or stay close to mortar elites or just as an oh $h!7 button when I'm low on life and need to heal. I use ball lighting since it can hit a target more than once, has a wider area (as I can tell) than nether tents and since they nerfed nether tents to only hit once, I like it better. I do pretty well, can run thru a1 no problem, the locusts in a2 give me grief because their attacks form lines and its hard to run thru sometimes when there is a bunch of them attacking.

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