Unreasonable stat differences in some items?

I'm playing wizard around lvl 40-ish. Every once in a while i'd find a glove or something like that, which has worst stats compared to the currently worn pair of gloves, but it would give better stats for some odd reasons.

So for example, I'd be wearing magic gloves which has lets say 80 armor and gives +10 INT. Then i'd find another pair of magic gloves which gives 75 armor and like +5 INT, but at the bottom of the item description where it shows you what the stat changes will be if you equip this item, it tells me in green that i'd have better stats even though the gloves are clearly a bit worst.

Why is that, anyone else experienced this?
Depends on what the other stats on the items are. There's a lot of different things that can influence that.
im assuming there was increased attack speed on the item as well

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