*DIFFERENT* Monk Build (Nightmare)

Hi all,

After having some trouble with Act II and III in Nightmare difficulty I thought I would come to these forums and read up on what other monks were doing.

To put it shortly I got here and was convinced (via the pure amount of forum posts), that Monk was broken and that I should reroll if I wanted to be viable without having to constantly roll defensives and sweeping winds.

As it turned out I had 100,000 gold on the account and I thought what the heck Ill buy some gear and think outside the box with my spec, give it a last ditch effort to save my character before I re'rolled so I tried something crazy.

Below is the spec I now currently use and love.


All gear has the following stats (in priority order)

1. Dexterity
2. Lightning Resistance (This could be another resistance but I stack lightning just because)
3. Vitality
4. Health Regen
5. HP on Hit
6. HP from Globes

As this spec takes the one with everything passive it is important to stack one resistance school really irrelevant as to which one you take!

Anyways safe to say I facerolled through the remaining parts of Nightmare I had left and had a blast doing it!

Hopefully this is helpful to some of you out there and hope that you, like me dont give up on your monk!

EDIT#1 : It's also worth noting that many of the spec's in the game are gear dependant. Gear for your spec!
Am also open to suggestions about how to make this build even more enjoyable/viable!
How does this affect DPS output :S Im confused as to why you would suggest it would take longer?
You don't seem to factor the 20% armor buff as helpful
The idea of this build is to take as little damage possible making up for it with health regen gear and heal on hit to weapons.

Currently my toon sits on about 60% resist 45% dodge and 52% Damage reduc thats pre buff.

Im really still not sure I would drop the 20% armor buff for a Heal over time spell when my gear choices seem to give sufficient hp returns.

I will however test it later tonight and see how it goes!

Cheers for the input.
That sounds pretty nice haha but as stated after applying this build/gearing I was able to dominate the rest of nightmare.
In a Response to your build I use this:


im dual wielding with 150+ atk weapons , Red perfect square rubies. (13% atk each)

All my equips have 120+ Dex with socketed for 34 vitaliy.

My shoulder although are giviing 13% atk speed.

7-14 atk rings both with 13 % atk.

i have about 5.5k HP and 3k DPS without the healing buff on.

when running low on hp, i try to re cast my mantra to heal me, when it gets serious, i use invulnerbility , and heal and kite away while i wait for cool downs.

the exlposive wave really helps out due to the aoe knockback and me dashing to a mob to get out of the circle and kite around when needed.

The reason i use the way of hundred fists tho is really only cuz i rolled a monk just for the crazy atk animations and i love it
I had my first solo problems with monk on Hell. I had to buy alot survivability items and made survivability skill build and soloed through act 1 and 2 without problems. When I reached the act 3 I bought damage items and got 12k DPS at lvl 57 and soloed quite easily through act 3 and 4 with damage items.

Now when I'm on Inferno, I havent got any single good build there which would make inferno easier to solo. All you need is good items or run for 10-15min against elite packs. Or get a buddy, ranged likely.

I'm playing on Inferno with my buddy (wizard) and I have this build --> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WYXgRQ!YUc!ZYZaYc
I have only survivability items: 55,91% all damage reduce - 61,08% magic damage reduce (with mantra buff) - 30,2% dodge chance - 14% block chance with shield (1960-2794dmg) - hitpoints 34,296 - life per second 619 (with mantra) - 6,5k DPS.

Why I haven't seize the initiative? -It would reduce 6% all damage taken, but with these items I have enough survivability to stay alive. So I prefer more to get mini heals from transcendence.
Why I haven't pacifism? I barely die during CC and serenity is my friend when playing well.
Why I haven't resolve? -I have tested it, but for me Transcendence, One with everything and chant of resonance are better than it.

Transcendence - It gives extra heal and my tactic is to spam mantra of healing (heals 3,1k + improved healing regen for 3s) and when Im taking alot of damage I heal with the breath of heaven. When my breath of heaven is on CD and I'm taking alot of damage, I put the inner sanctuary on the ground (-35% dmg taken with rune) and heal with the mantra. Also using blinding flash to cut off enemies damage or save my buddy. And last, when my all other healing skills are on CD or I'm taking super much damage/crowd controlled I use serenity.
One with everything - Pointless to say, must have or die for the magic damage :P
Chant of resonance - After the exprience I have found this skill nearly my second must have passive skill for any build. 3min mantra duration is annoying to keep on and you need items which give +spirit regen to do that or fighting constantly. It gives that 7min extra duration (which isn't the important part) but that +2 spirit regen is pretty much must have. It gives enough spirit to have spirit at full when going from battle to battle. Also when you are on low and you cannot go to melee but you would need spirit for a heal the skill will save.

Of course anyone will find out their own build, but on Inferno you will need alot of survivability to stay alive for longer than 30s. After all these items and skills, I cannot stay on melee all the time but when I have my skills out of CD, I can stay on melee for 15-20s or longer. Descerator are your number 1. fearable ability on elite pack which does too much damage, you have to run alot :)

Good luck on Inferno, dont get too much hitpoints or dodge. My rule is to have over 30k hitpoints, 55% all damage reduce and 55% magic damage reduce and about 25%-30% dodge.
Havent got much problems on Inferno with my buddy (the wizard). Of course some packs are hard and I die sometimes, but I died about 4-5 times in act 1.

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