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There are plenty of issues with the AH but let me start by this one. You can put up pages/tomes of training to be sold but you cannot search for them. You can only search for patterns that teach specific rare/unique item crafting to your artisan but not buy regular training tomes. Again... you can SELL them, but not BUY them. Please fix this!
You can buy them, you're not looking hard enough.
05/22/2012 12:26 AMPosted by Luckyfork
You can buy them, you're not looking hard enough.

Enlighten me please. What am I missing here? I can't search them on the AH. I can buy them off of trade...
You can purchase the pages and tomes from the crafting menu in the AH but they are listed not under Jewel Crafting or Blacksmith but under Artisan. Choose the the Artisan drop down and you can choose pages or tomes for either profession. When you go under specifically Blacksmith or JC you will only come up with recipes. Just make sure to place in the quantity that you are looking for and hit search. It will automatically give you the lowest option so all you must do is hit confirm beside the listing.

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