Another ''Monks Blow'' and ''Reroll to What''

/agree with Pell

WoW heroics = skills? I guess the above posters sum it all up.

/delete monk (so we do not have to hear you whine here again)

/reroll DH/WIZ (go all-caps in their forums)


/stop whining & go farm items
lol @ making fun of wow ppl that are monks qqing hahaha good job

ya i agree with poster. good job on solo'ing inferno act 2. thats how i got thru act 2 but i took a wizard with me for mahgda since i didn't wanna waste my time

honestly, should've rolled a wizard. really why bother.

monks on inferno is like heroic-inferno difficulty. this wizard friend i have help me thru inferno and he solo'd it like he did on normal, nightmare, and hell.

agree. wizards have it ez. monks need changes since it takes skill to do inferno. wizards, no skill and gg lol
re-read it. he was making fun of the ppl who go in ALL CAPS on the other threads crying about how pro they are at wow and sucking at inferno lol
Op sounds like one of the people who rolled a Deathknight when they first came out in wow then got mad when they nerfed them to the ground,
Haven't you learned yet? Playing blizzard games flavor of the month (or week in this case) does NOT last. Go roll a Wizard the I CAN SOLO DA INFERNALZ just got nerfed to.

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