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Does this work the way I think it does? If I have 100 exp per kill and I blow up 10 mobs with an arcane orb in one shot, do I get 1,000 exp? I was thinking that killing those little mobs in packs would be really efficient like this.

I've been stacking it (and I have had about 100 of it) since the start of the game, but I don't seem to be leveling much faster than similarly geared, non-exp built, people.
+100 exp per kill scales down as you level up. It will help you when you are a lowbie, but as you gain in level, your xp required will go up, so 100 exp per kill is great at lvl's 1-20 or so, but after that, it's crap. After a point you need to switch to +exp% to make the numbers scale with level.

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