hell mode. time for shield?

im in act one of hell. past sk. reg mobs i pretty much wup.. lots of rare packs give me big time fits.. im currently duel weilding.. stats are dex690 vit 370 armor 2304 and dmg 2449.41.. i feel like i take heavy dmg. this is my build.. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WQYXgi!XYZ!ZbbbaZ i need to figure out where im lacking.. thanks
thanks.. how are you doing in hell having an okay time... may i ask your build style?
Get your dps up to at least 5k to have a chance. I did it with 30khealth/10k DPS with a friend or two at all times.

I wouldn't recommend shield unless you can't get better gear
wow you had those stats in hell? sheesh im not even close lol

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