How to fix Legendaries and Set Items

Items and Crafting
I get the feeling L and S items were design with only Hell difficulty in mind and Inferno was added as an afterthought without the same L and S itemization.. So... My random musings while at work on how to make them more attractive than these 1.2k dps blues.

Legendary - all only Legendaries to be upgradable/temper/custom fit via some insanely expensive way via blacksmithing. Be it 1M gold for +10 ilvls up to +100 cap. That way your super sexy unique model will be both cool an effective.

Set items: same as above ... OR just patch the set bonuses to be way way better. Sword and board set bonus? +600 vit +50 resist all or something.

Edit: also don't get me started on why D3 JCs can't socket their own items, but why not have these extra sockets and/or legendary upgrades be removed if put on AH?
or they could just make legendary items a small margin better (hypothetically with good affix rolls) as they should be.

then add the red tier of gear beyond orange.

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