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Today as I was playing, I got expulsed out of my game, this had already happened to me quite some time last week so I didn't make much of it, like each time I restarted the game and logged back in(takes about 20sec). When I logged back in, all my characters we're gonne and my friend list was empty(had to make a new character to find out).

I believe I was not hacked as I am using an authenticator and I can't find any virus/spy/mal on my computer.

Did this happen to anyone else ?
there is currently a bug that can change your regional settings. Go into the options at your character screen and make sure the regional setting is on "the americas"

That said, there are also currently issues with people reporting the characters there but stripped of all items and gold. Those... are a different issue (and i pray its a severe bug and not an exploit that blizz is refusing to acknowledge).

But yea, yours sounds like the regional thing. Try that.
Hello all, same thing is happening to me, i already changed the regional settings, all my characters disapeared and all my achviments, like i was logging into the game for the first time.

You have a European account and a European Diablo III account with several characters on it. On the US, you just connected for the first time yesterday so you wouldn't see any characters there. If you set your region back to EU, you should see everything again. You need to do this before logging in or it won't actually connect you there.

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